Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flat Stanley and the Waco Suspension Bridge

On a windy Thursday evening last week, Bob and I took Flat Stanley with us to dinner. (See my blog posting of April 9 for an explanation of Flat Stanley.) Actually, he waited patiently in the car while we ate Mexican food at Ninfa's, and then we took him around downtown, to see several Waco sites. It was so very windy, we had to hold on tight to Stanley, lest he blow away. Stanley visited  a sculpture of a cowboy and steer, near the famous Waco Suspension Bridge.  

This bridge, completed in 1868, was designed by the same man who designed the Brooklyn Bridge. For many years it's been closed to car traffic, but it is a lovely site from which to view the Brazos River, or actually, Lake Brazos, which was formed when a dam was built some 20 years ago. I hate to admit that after over 40 years living in Waco, I had never walked across this bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, I picked up a branch that had fallen from a Cottonwood tree, to show Stanley the little "bolls" of "cotton" that form on the tree.  On windy spring days in Waco, this cotton flies in the air and looks like snow!   Here, Stanley is peeking out from between two branches.  I think Stanley enjoyed the views from the bridge more than anything!

After we got back home, we stopped by the Dyer's house for Stanley to meet Snuggles, the mother of Rolie, a poodle Stanley knows well, since he is Lia's poodle.  The other poodle is another one of Rolie's relatives, perhaps an aunt or a girl cousin!


  1. Yes, I especially liked the picture of Bob in front of the steeer, holding on to Stanley for dear life. And I love bridges. I have a number of photographs of bridges around the US. Maybe that's an idea for a blog.

  2. Wow, I don't know who is more excited, Flat Stanley or Linda, to see the suspension bridge and learn its history. I am a little concerned over how Stanley could see the view out of the back of his head. I enjoyed it. Stanley seems almost giddy over the cottonbolls but a bit shy of the dogs. I know Stanley had fun except for missing the Mexican food. I can't believe you left him in the car! So unlike you :*)

  3. Actually, Stanley DID look over the bridge railing, but I made him turn around for his picture! I am just glad that he didn't blow away; that wind was terrific.

  4. What great photos - and Flat Stanley ideas too. Lia is a lucky child to have such interesting, clever grandparents.