Thursday, May 6, 2010

A New Look for the Quilting Room

I moved a lovely baker's rack that had been on the back porch into my quilting room today.  Outside I feared the elements might harm the furniture, and besides, I knew I could better use the shelf space in here.  So now my baskets holding soon-to-do projects, some bolts of fabric, my old pink sewing basket that Bob once gave me, and my thread racks have a new home.  I also totally reorganized the closet that holds bins of fabrics I've already set aside for particular projects.  And I even found room for my ink jet printer, in case I ever want to print on fabric (which the new laser printer won't do).  My Ikea cutting table, in the middle of the room, has drawers and deep shelves for still more supplies.  The other pictures show my organized-by-color fabric stash in Elfa drawers. Then on the left wall is the sewing machine, and in the corner, the computer where now I sit.  And what about the pretty little antique writing desk that did occupy the wall where the baker's rack now stands?  It's found a new home on a wall just beside the French doors leading out to the screened in porch, in the breakfast room. 


  1. With all that organization you deserve a prize. What do you want?! My fabrics are so small I use shoe boxes and fold them so all are visible. I use a drafting table for cutting. I love your Ikea, and the height makes such a difference. I was trying to get a close up of the sewing machine light you enjoy so much. Brava! and on w your projects!

  2. Alice, every day you accomplish something monumental, it seems to me. This reorganization was a grand accomplishment, inspiring your friends to "keep at it."

  3. How organized. Reminds me of the bane of MY life....CLUTTER. Maybe this will inspire me to do something about it. MAYBE!