Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Beautiful Spring Continues!

Here's a close-up of a rose at my sister Kathy's house.  We stopped by to visit them briefly, en route home from a super birthday weekend for me in Ft. Worth.  I plan to post about that later, but I just couldn't resist putting up these gorgeous flowers!  And I didn't take any pictures of the wild flowers all the way home.  The blue bonnets have faded, but the black eyed Susans were particularly striking, whole fields of them, bright orange in the sunshine.  There were others I couldn't identify from afar, a delicate yellow flower, and then there were the pale, gentle-looking buttercups.  We've had in Texas by far the best spring for flowers in many years, thanks to our cold, wet winter, and a cool, rainy spring.  Now more flowers from sister Kathy's yard.  This tall one Kathy couldn't identify, but it was lovely and unusual.  Climbing up a tree were more roses.  These are just three small samples from a corner yard that is almost all blooming flowers!  And then, finally, a lovely arrangement of flowers that Kathy had just cut.  It looked charming against a rustic cabinet with beautiful old glass doors.


  1. Alice, you are quite a photographer of flowers. And your sister does a super job with hers. Coming from the upper Panhandle of Texas, I remain amazed that one can grow flowers in Texas...but I know they can, from my years at Baylor and meeting people from all over the other parts. I don't know which flower photos you would choose to introduce your blog. You have so many from all over the world.

  2. I can't help but say, "Lovely!" I remember roses blooming at Christmas time at Baylor.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Alice. I love spring flowers too.