Friday, May 7, 2010

Silver Threads Among the Gold

The candles on my cake number seventy-one,
But no way, my friends, is my life yet done!
Stacked high are the bins with quilts yet to do,
And skills to master that for me are new.
A self-portrait journal quilt—oh, dear me!
Maybe this time I am up a tree.
For never, with paint or pencil lead,
Have I tried a self-portrait, it must be said.
"Don't over-think it," said dear friend Lin,
"Just grab the scissors and plunge right in."
So here's a self-portrait of Alice B.,
With hair shorter now, as you can see.
Silver threads now show among the gold.
It's time to admit, "I guess I'm getting old."
But at 71 this old gal still has nerve--
You might even say: she has some verve!
Mis-matching earrings, hey, who cares?
They coordinate, so, yes, of course she dares!
A huge pendant hanging from choker on neck
At 71?  Well, what the heck!


  1. I LOVE IT, ALICE. The "Alice" short-haired journal quilt actually favors you! Congratulations. The verse fits PERFECTLY with your state of being! :).

  2. Very good, Alice. Your quilt is cute, but you are cuter. I'm interested in what your grands say!

  3. Alice, I can't quit smiling. That is darling. I love it...the short hair...the sweet face and the poem as well....Totally OVER THE TOP!!! What talent.

  4. Love it. Can't wait to see the new you in person. Susan.

  5. OH ALICE! Your self-portrait quilt and poem are wonderful - and so creative! Guess what? Since you are always praising Linda's talents, I took a peek at her blog as well! So ladies, you have convinced me! I'm starting my own journal quilt and blog. I'm excited!