Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Neighbors and a Re-done Throw!

Our dear friends and neighbors, the Dyers and the Coopers, who moved from our Guittard neighbor-hood with us to Deer Creek Drive, have determined to get together once a month for dinner. Here you see Thelma and Bill Cooper and Bob, on their back screened-in porch, from which you can see our house.  We had wine, grapes, hummus, and

We hosted the first, a "break-
fast for supper,"
and then last evening, Thelma and Bill hosted us.  We then went inside for a delicious dinner.  Genie was not feeling well and couldn't join us, but here are Thelma and Bill, Preston and me. 

When we returned home, I got to work re-doing grandson Locke's new throw.  I had not cut the fringe deeply enough and had tied the two pieces of the fringe too tightly.  So I untied all of them while watching American Idol (yes, I am a guilty fan!) and then made the cuts a bit longer, and then tied them more loosely.  As a result the throw is much flatter, and the knots, softer, more comfortable!


  1. Neat to be in that neighborhood...but you were going to include the of your house as seen from the porch as you munched.

  2. Glad Locke's got finished. You always come through in a tight!

  3. Alice, looks so pretty and relaxing and cozy -- so nice to have such wonderful friends be glad that worked out for all of you.

  4. Wonderful to start a new adventure. We've loved exploring our new home; sounds like you are too. It's definitely unstagnating!