Monday, March 29, 2010

A New Throw for Locke

We leave in two days for Easter in California.  Grandson Locke (6) has a fleece throw made by me, but some time ago he gave it a "haircut."  He wanted one end of his old throw open, so that he could climb inside while it was on his bed, making it into a sleeping bag.  When he showed me last visit what he had done, he said, "Now the end is all crooked!  I want it straight!"  I told him that I thought it was time he had another throw, with fleece that was for a big boy, not the babyish print he had on his old throw, and that I would deliberately leave one end open.    This time I used my Dear Jane 5" square ruler, marked the 1 1/2" line with tape, and cut the fringe 1 1/2" wide and 5" long.  These are wider strips than I did before, but hopefully these won't tear off as readily as the narrower ones I used for all 4 of the grandkids' throws, made several years ago. So here are views of both sides of Locke's new throw.  He'll be surprised and delighted, I'm sure, with the more grown-up look.  And, yes, one end was left open!


  1. OH YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME! Locke will love that, and how clever of him to think of the open angle. I hate for you to leave town again, but I know you will keep us posted in CA.

  2. You must be out of breath! I love the patterns (esp. the first pattern), but can't understand how the three patterns come together on the overall quilt.

  3. Alice, you are always so clever and so industrious. Locke will love his new throw. What a wonderful grandmother you are. ss