Thursday, April 1, 2010

California Crafting

Bob and I are now in CA for Easter.  Our suitcases were loaded down with crafting projects for me to do with the grandkids Lia and Locke.  I suppose first we'll make those that are Easter-related:  a bunny face cake (this year, I bought a new Wilton cake pan), and Easter-themed cookies.  What I am most excited about doing with them, though, is to make some shadow boxes for Lia and Locke's Wee Folk dolls.  For Locke I made Robin Hood characters, and for Lia, Harry Potters.   My very first posting to this blog showed some of these dolls. I've just figured out how to post a picture from the Internet!  I made dolls similar to these for Locke.  My idea for the shadow boxes is for the children to design settings for their dolls.  Then using their drawings, we'll make patterns for templates and then cut them from felt.  For Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, we could also use some twigs glued to the felt background for a forest.l  Can't wait!


  1. Good for you, posting from the Internet and from out of state. I like this setting for the dolls.

  2. I never know where these dolls will land. I can tell they like their woodsy setting :).

  3. Be sure to read the email I forwarded to you called Happy Easter. I'm sure Lia and Locke will love the faces.