Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Of Friends, Grandbabies, and Friendship Quilts

I call Patty Field and her husband Willie our
"newest friends." They certainly were our newest at our 50th
party!  I met Patty in the early 2000s, but it was only when she joined Lake Shore church that we have become close.  We worked together on a friendship quilt for Lake Shore's 50th anniversary, which was celebrated the same fall we celebrated ours.  I had lunch with Patty today, who this semester is baby sitting with baby 3-month-old Charlotte while the babe's mommy teaches at our local community college.  Here is Patty with Charlotte, and one of the beautiful baby alone!
And for good measure, I'll add pictures of the Lake Shore quilt Patty and I made together and also a close-up.


  1. beautiful baby - beautiful quilt, Alice.ss

  2. Wow! What a quilt. If I have seen that quilt, I have forgotten and it is not one to forget. Beautiful! I loved opening the post to see the warm wall color and the pretty grandmother and baby. Very pretty page!

  3. Don't you love babies? We talked to Chris on his birthday with Skype. He was so cute. We watched him open his mouse BD present we had sent him. Liam really took over the honors. Chris was more intereseted in watching us on the web cam.