Friday, April 2, 2010

Lia's Quilts and Dolls from Grandmommy

For all 4 grand-children,
I’ve made crib and big
boy/girl quilts. Here are
Lia’s--her Paddington
Bear crib quilt, and a
blue and yellow quilt
made for her move to
a big bed after little
brother Locke was
born. I had fun yesterday
 taking pictures of the
quilts and also of some
of Lia’s dolls--some
that we had given her.
Here are 3 of the small
Madame Alexander
 International dolls we’ve
 given to her--representing
Norway, Mexico, and Sweden.
Then two bigger M.A. dolls,
Alice in Wonderland and Amy,
from Little Women.  (Lia's Great
Grandmother Lelia, for whom
she was named, is in the
picture at the end of
the bookshelf.)

Finally I’ve
taken a photo of Lia with the
Wee Folk Harry Potter dolls
I made for her Valentine gift--
Harry himself and Hermione.


  1. So glad to see those quilts for the first time and of course the dolls as well and even Lelia!..Lia seems quite pleased with Harry and Hermione and to me they seem about to come to life...very fine..

  2. What a posting! Yes, Lia is a beauty. I'm glad to see that girls still play with dolls. Lia should meet my grandson, Cody (age 9 in Fountain Valley). When he wears his glasses he looks like Harry Potter.

  3. Incidentally, I love the way you staggered your pictures and text.

  4. Who is having more fun-- you or the children???