Tuesday, April 6, 2010

California Kids and Their Birthday Scrapbooks

The last two days have been non-stop scrap-booking for me!  On Monday Lia and I got to work.  She wanted to begin with her latest birthday and work back.  We got her 9th and then her 8th birthday pages (multiple pages for each) done.  I asked her to choose her favorite page for a picture, and this is her choice.  Today Locke and I began to work.  Oddly, I found this six year old much more "into" the scrapbooking than was Lia!  He wanted to go on and on.  With his book, which had barely been started, we began with his 2nd birthday and have just now completed the 5th.  So just one more to go for him, but it will have to wait, as my time here is running out.  I leave tomorrow on a 10:00 AM flight.  I'll leave all the scrapbooking materials I brought with me, though, and hopefully, on my next visit, these books will both be up to date!


  1. Very colorful energetic pages and what fun the children were so into the scrapbooking! Inspiring and motivating. Worth carting all the materials half way across the nation. Good job.

  2. Alice, I told Linda that after all the fun and ACTIVITY you would very much be ready to go home. YOU DID GREAT, Grandmommy.

  3. It all looks so good. You are a gift to your grandchildren.