Sunday, April 4, 2010

Part One: Easter Eve--Fun with a Few Baking Glitches

Easter Eve began with a fun visit to the Farmer's Market, held every Saturday in Newport Beach.  After browsing and buying, the family walked to a nearby park, kids on their scooters.  All along our walk from the car to the market, to the park, and then back, I kept snapping pictures of lovely spring flowers and blooming trees.  Later that day, Lia, Locke and I made the bunnyface cake.  Sadly, we had problems getting the cake out of the pan, so we contented oursellves with decorating it inside the pan.  We used decorating gel for the inside of the ears, red licorice sticks cut into strips for the whiskers, gum drops for the nose and mouth, and Hersey bar pieces for the eyes.  We made sugar cookies, too, and had another baking glitch:  the cookies spread all over the cookie sheets and the cute shapes of eggs, bunnies, tulips, and butterflies just looked like misshapen globs!  They tasted delicious, though!  The dough was well chilled, not overly handled, so why didn't it work?  A mystery, just like why the cake stuck to the pan, despite its being well-greased and floured!  Later that afternoon Locke and I worked on an Easter quilt and Lia and I, on the little sundress she wore the next morning for the egg hung!

We had a delicious Easter Eve dinner of baked chicken, rice, salad, and brocolli, with a starter made by Lia with her Dad assisting, fabulous Potato and Leek soup. After baths, the children dyed eggs, always fun!


  1. Super! I don't bake bunny cakes for that reason. It's hard to get them out. Did you use oil spray? I have no idea if that helps. I have used oil spray on muffin tins successfully. Check the web. I'm sure there are some suggestions out there.

  2. Fun day, Alice. Sometimes the biggest failures in the kitchen are the best memories -- or at least are the memories that last the longest :).

  3. I love that you could take some photos of nature to hold your spirits up in the kitchen. Baker's Best may be what Nancy is talking about...oil and flour in the same spray. Love seeing children with their hair wet and combed. Another color idea is put boiled eggs in colander, splash w vinegar, drop one color and roll a bit...let set 20 seconds, then splash another....dry on towels. Gorgeous if you use neon food colors.