Saturday, April 10, 2010

Malcolm's Quilts

Malcolm's crib quilt, which Susan always used as a wall hanging, and his big boy bed quilt are both, like Locke's, from the same design--sawtooth stars alternating with double four patches.  (This is a Marsha McCloskey design.)  In the first picture, the twin bed quilt top with its old-fashioned-trains theme fabric is showing.  In the 2nd picture, the quilt has its backing showing, which is a race car fabric.  Perhaps Malcolm has outgrown trains and moved on the race cars!  His crib quilt is titled "Basketball Kitties and Wintertime Bears," with the kitties being in the double four patches and the bears, in the sawtooth stars.  This crib quilt is one of the few I've hand-quilted.  I used the so-called utility stich or "big stitch", using perle cotton, with a design of fat, puffy stars.  It is much easier to do and easier on arthritic hands than is the traditional tiny hand stitches.  Incidentally, if you click on the photo of the crib quilt by itself, you can see the quilting better both in the border and in the center.    His pillows were also machine-quilted, and I am particularly fond of them.  One of them is made of a block I rejected for his first quilt, but the block was very nice and used the same fabrics.  The other two are the same block patterns in both of the quilts.  Folded up on the bottom of the bed is the fleece throw I made for Malcolm, which had a Thomas the Tank Engine print.


  1. I am crazy about the red and white treatments and the larger hand stitch. I didn't know about the latter so was glad to have the link. I don't know how to express what I like about the repetition there but I have gone back to look at it over and over.

  2. OooH! The Thomas the Tank fleece and the pillows really add. Got them on this round. Super!