Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Youngest Grandsons' Quilts

Bit by bit I plan to show as many of my quilts on this blog as I can work in.  While in California, I wrote about Lia's quilts and dolls. Now it is Locke's turn.  First, his crib quilt, which Kathy chose to display rather than to use.  For it I used transportation-theme fabrics, with planes, trains, and boats.   His big boy bed quilt had the same theme, to coordinate with the wall border and the crib quilt, but there is less variety in the fabric choices.  For it, I added hot air balloons for the border.   I did use the same design as in the crib quilt, however, and this is probably the quilt design I've most often used--a sawtooth star alternating with a double four patch block.  (Malcolm's two quilts have the same pattern.)  I've made pillows for all the grandchildren, too, and you can see his on his bed.  I took this picture before I gave him his new fleece throw, so the old one is folded at the foot of his bed. 

Dawson's baby quilt wall hanging is called "The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat."  Mommy Susan chose the design for his big bed quilt and wanted the plaids and stripes in soft greens and blues; many of these same fabrics were used in the wall hanging.   (If interested in seeing details, click on the images; the fabrics can then be seen much better!)

Malcolm's crib and big boy bed quilt will be the subject of another blog!


  1. I like the subtle use of the transportation novelty quilts...and I am crazy about the UGLY dolls you got him...just so dramatic on his colorful bed.