Friday, April 9, 2010

Blue Bonnets and Flat Stanley!

Today is a gorgeous, 70 degree, spring day. Our state flower is particularly beautiful this year, thanks to a cold, wet winter and spring!  The flowers are late in blooming, but once they came out, they came out in much glory.  I went around our neighborhood this afternoon, taking pictures of the Blue Bonnets.  Likewise the Indian Paintbrushes, which are mixed in with the Blue Bonnets in the 2nd picture!

And who's the little guy below, climbing our stairway inside our house, sitting in the pansy pot, and sitting amongst the Blue Bonnets?  Why, that's Flat Stanley!  Our granddaughter Lia let us have Stanley for awhile, to show him our house and other sites in Waco.  We've got lots more places to go, so you might be seeing Stanley again!


  1. Oh I love the idea of Flat Stanley. I must return to study the idea more. But I especially appreciate the photos you and Trilla have taken of the bluebonnets, since i don't believe I have ever laid eyes on them. I did a painting of them for Aunt Gladys, but I was not even in the ballpark.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Alice...and I love the places Flat Stanley has chosen to BE.

  3. I loved the blue bonnets and Indian paintbrush. I also took some pictures of our neighborhood. This PM, a perfect Sunday afternoon, I sat on our deck and admired our huge redbud in the backyard. A branch of it is at the top of my blog. Trying to appreciate an entire tree in a snapshot is difficult.