Sunday, April 4, 2010

Part Two: Easter Day

Easter Morning began with the Easter Egg hunt.  Lia is wearing the little sundress she and I made the day before; Locke still in PJs. We had a delicious breakfast of ham with cheese grits. Then we all dressed for church and left for a wonderful service.  After church we ate lunch--more of Lia's soup, ham sandwiches, with our tasty sugar cookie "blobs" for dessert.  Tonight we are anticipating an Easter feast for dinner:  steaks, Kathy's potato salad, no doubt other veggies or a salad, and our Bunny Cake for dessert.  We'll end the day watching the Lady Bears play basketball in the Final Four!


  1. Beautiful family, beautiful day. I like the sun dress, Alice. ss

  2. I LOVE the sundress with the little ladybug buttons at the straps. Makes me want to pick up the girls to go get some of those they would want. Darling! Especially fine to have the family photo which can so easily be forgotten in the business of the day.